Fly High…


As many of you are unaware, my love is a poet but a shy one. He is the best poet for me. I will give the link of what we have written in the eve. Mine would be in italics.

I held your hand
Not once but many times I have lost count
I have promised myself the first time you touched me,
When we were so passionate and wild
To give wings to your dreams
To fly around the world with you
I love you
You love me
I don’t think our love is weak
You gave guided me,
Now it’s my time
I can flutter my wings
Faster than you now
But you would flutter your wings
They are waiting to be found
I live for you
For you are not a passing fancy for me
This time we have found our mate for life,
I will be with you
Till your wings are stronger
Till you fly with me
We will soar laughing loudly
Ignoring those stupid minions
We will be one
When we fly high…

~ Dakshi~

(Photo credit: My Ru)

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