Love & Adoration…(*2460)

You might remember how I used to love you
Without you I could not live a sec
Now you question me whether I really care
Or is it just words?

Let me explain you slowly my love
My heart is a volcano
No it is not erupting with passionate lust
But genuine affection

I think of you when I am about to sleep
I dream of you at night
My night is disturbed for I wake up in the night
And wonder how you sleep

My first thought in the morning
The first word that would come to my mind
I am too anxious till I see you
I am waiting to hear your voice

Day we spend together
Thousand eyes directed to us
But a simple brush of hands
Would be suffice more than making love

I never understood what adoration meant
For none ever adored me
But I know what I have is more than love
With your faults, still I am so in love with you…

~ Dakshi~

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