Make you Alive…(*2457)

Love is not easy,

Just like a tightrope walk

where everyone waiting to push us from up above

Back stabs, front stabs, cuts and all the lacerations

You will not come out alive


Pretty smiling faces would hide darts full of poison

No one wants you escape

All of the world would love to see your blood spill

No one like to see you come out alive


You will inhale and exhale death

Your nights will be darker than coal

You will write with hot red blood

People will make sure you will not come out alive


Past sins would testify and define us

Underworld would be waiting

I would yearn and plead for mercy but nothing will work

Everyone want to kill my love alive


I will save love, I am not afraid to die

For I have never told you a lie

I demand it’s high time for God to intervene

And save my love and make you alive…

About Dakshi

Lost my love.. (Not writing in this blog anymore.)
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