Without my knowing…(*2452)

I have lost count, again…


I love you,

It’s a secret no more

And I want you to be around

Everyday when we say Goodnight and go our ways

My heart is crushed wanting you here

It’s like this, for many years

But I have no more complaints

All I want is to feel you

All I want is to hear


Two thousand and more I will write

For you, I don’t know from where the words come up

All I know is living without you

is impossible and I would die of a heartache


I don’t know at times whether you read me,

as much as I want you to be

I don’t know at times you hear my heartbeat

as much as I want you to hear

But I know one thing and you know that too I think

That I would do anything for you

So be a good sport, stop all doubts

Fight all the negativity away?


~ Dakshi~








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