Adrenalin Rush…

I was squashed
Thank God you were not around
And of course I was complacent
I was lazy and acted too old for my age
My sword was not sharp enough
It could have been so lethal
I could have died a public death
But I had some pride left

I should fight
Not for you
But to save my last bits of pride
I should show what I am made of
I was not a doll
I was not just a girl
I was a competent soul
I should have known what I was fighting
I should have known

I will fight
With my might
It is not a pretty sight
But fight must go on
Not with any
But my own self

When I have you by my side
I should have known of my superior light
It should have been a rush
An Adrenalin Rush…


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~ Dakshi~

About Dee

Not writing in this blog anymore....
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