Happy birthday baby, Happy New Year Too…

It’s been another roller coaster year
With hurricanes and tornadoes
Tsunamis at times
Emotions running high
Let downs and threats and heart breaking moments
A year with you
A year with us
I don’t know what the future would bring us
But I want to thank you for your presence, it was felt
I want to thank all the good times and bad
A year together and we are strong and still going strong
And I am happy I have found my oasis in you…

Wish you a very Happy Birthday, baby
Wishing a Happy New Year too…

~ Dakshi~

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2 Responses to Happy birthday baby, Happy New Year Too…

  1. My sister, we made it through another year which I am thankful for! I prayer your New Year will be blessed wonderfully with a great inner peace, love, joy, and happiness. Remember you are never alone. Love hugs and blessings always Dakshi!

    • Dakshi says:

      Thanks Wendell. All these years you were with me with your kind words and support. I wish you a blessed Year ahead with everything you can possibly wish for. You are a good person. You deserve the best. Thanks for everything. I am touched.

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