Not just a footprint…


For you when we first met
I must have been
A footprint in the sand
If nothing else
No seriousness
Just fooling around
You must have thought
I have a heart of stone

I am a girl
With a tender heart
And I did not exactly planned anything
But I was drawn to you
And I was in love with you
And you were not a footprint in my life

A love so strong,
I have for you
With all seriousness and might
And is it not fair to plan our days
A life with you
Was all I seeked

Engraved in stone
Carved in my heart
Where every vein would stand testimony too
I am in love
I cannot help
May be now all you just look for an escape?

(Photo credits: Ru)

~ Dakshi~

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2 Responses to Not just a footprint…

  1. Beautiful expression of a love stuck heart.

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