Wild birds…

Everything stand still
All I hear is my breathing
Bored to death I look away from the window
And envy those birds who are flying free…

Where are you, where am I
Miles apart
Is this the story of our lives
I think of nothing but my soul weeps
Thinking of those wild birds and how they roam free…

~ Dakshi~

About Dee

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2 Responses to Wild birds…

  1. restlessjo says:

    I’m feeling Boxing Day blues a little too, not helped by the persistent rain. I may go out and jump in puddles. 🙂 All the best for 2016 and thanks for your company!

    • Dakshi says:

      Hey, what a pleasant surprise. Good to hear from you. Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Wishing a peaceful New Year and hope to see you in years to come too… 🙂

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