I hate holidays when we are far…

Even when I hear you off and on
In this holiday,
These mundane moments with other known mortals,
Makes me feel sick, bored and melancholic
I hate myself for the moments I wasted fighting with you
For trivial things and moments I have hurt you
Your favourites are my favourites now
When I see them, feel or taste them
I think of you
I think how hard the holidays without you near
I want you to sit next to me
In every Christmas and every New Year
Every day in every year
I want you to be near
I want days to rush now
I always hate my sour mood,
When you are not near..

~ Dakshi~

About Dee

Trying to be a Phoenix🤓
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2 Responses to I hate holidays when we are far…

  1. When available we don’t value; but seek it and miss when not around. Typical human behaviour 🙂
    Nicely composed Dakshi

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