Lone Eagle*

I feel this unease and trembling at times
I feel insecure and sad
So I put up a brave face
I try my best to fight
But when I am lone at dark
All I do is think of you
I could give you more love, I think
And tears just wash my eyes

There is always you from the start
All I want is to see you rise
I want you to see and feel
How it is to roam around
Round and round, off we will go
Hand in hand, that’s my dream
But all I give you is just big words
Have I ever done things right?

My love is true, it’s crystal clear
To me, there is none but you
All my soliloquies and duets
Are just for you till I breathe right

My everlasting Precious love, my life
Just belong to you, take good care,
I will try, may be I would die
Trying to make your dreams come alive…


* Lone Eagle is the name of ONE OF THE BEST SELLERS BY the brillaint DANIELLE STEEL. I borrowed the name and the poem.

~ Dakshi~

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