Born and survived…

When I am just woke up all of a sudden to see it has become 11.55 pm 14/11/2015 and in couple of minutes, five actually, I knew it’s my birthday. No big deal since I am not five anymore. I am just happy to be alive. Doesn’t matter all are sleeping and I am awake. I have been living a good life, I am not filthy rich but simplicity completes me. Life is not going to be easy anyway. Thank you God, for making me who I am today and thank you my parents for because of them I am seeing the world. I won’t say my love life rocks, at times I go low and become frustrated, but my love made me a POET. Thanks a bunch for that. It is my second birth perhaps. Something I love doing. And thanks a lot each and every one of you guys for liking and commenting and sharing and most of all for appreciating my poetry. It means a lot.
Love you all…

~ Dakshi~

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4 Responses to Born and survived…

  1. Jitendriya (JD) says:

    Happy Birthday 😀

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