A Plea to my soulmate…

Well, I am back. Both my love and myself want a deeper relationship. And this one is for you baby, it’s how I feel.

I think of past every time we are mad
And every time you anger glow
I want you to be the one whom you were
When you are not I miss a huge chunk in me
As if my soul suffocates a slow and painful death
I am surrounded by dark thoughts
Swiming around my empty space

We, my love, we have a wonderful life
A life I want to live as long as our hearts breathe
You and high I am low
Some times it’s the other way around
We should forget our pride
And our egos

I got you, only you
Yo make me smile and laugh
I am in love with your smirk too
I am not a fan of wrath
I am never ever loved the anger
I want us to have a solid start,
Shall we start brand new?

~ Dakshi~

(May God help us to achieve our dreams and love each other like madness.)


About Dee

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5 Responses to A Plea to my soulmate…

  1. Is your soulmate answering?

  2. I was so happy to read this post!
    I’m so proud of you!

    welcome back dearest *hug* x! ❤

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