Once a Free soul, always a Free soul…

I have cried for you, I have died for you

When I said once, you asked to live for you

I do, every single day, amidst all the fights we seem to fight

Because you do not care,

I love you, I have asked you to open my chest and see for yourself

But you must be so sure of it, up until today, you have not tried

Love is not a game, nor it is for fun

It is a commitment, serious and cannot undone

I have tried all my ways, I bent backwards and forwards

I tried to accommodate your views and change

But you are the adamant free soul I have met many years ago

You think of none, your own solo ride

You will do what you think is right, hurting all around…


For letter written in pain, visit https://livingwithyourlove.wordpress.com/

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