You, Me, Us

Me, you, us
Not fulfilled our lives, no
Hectic, unpleasant isn’t ?
Unhappiness would rule our worlds
Unsatisfied, fed up
What is the meaning of this mundane life
I would ask
You would too
Never ending problems,
Too much pressure,
I admit
Life definitely sucks
True that
But listen to me, my love
I have something no one has
I don’t know what you would feel
But I feel and I agree with myself
I got the greatest gift on earth
I got you, I have you
I might not have problems like you, you might ask
But they are problems too alright,
Every time I am down, I am crushed
I think of you and fight back
You give me strength, you give me power
You put my feet back on the ground
I don’t know what is my impact
But I wish I give you reasonable might?

~ Dakshi~

About Dee

Not writing in this blog anymore....
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