Underneath my skin…

Over the years of my life
I have travelled from stubborn to stupid to little bit wiser
Then accepted that I have no choice
Just like any soul, I looked at those happy couples,
I don’t know whether they are exactly happy but they are together
They kiss, hold hands
I have mastered the art of ignoring
When I spent lonely nights
On my cold bed,
I stopped thinking about how your breath would warm me,
I ripped that feeling from my chest,
I wanted to go out spending the night under the stars,
To gaze at them, together and to tease about moon
I stopped thinking of that
Since I know what I have to face,
I write for you,
Now one or two hairs have gone grey
But I am not old,
Just mature,
Even when I write these words
Tears fall,
I am happy that I feel things more acutely
And sad that you are not here to wipe them,
My tears always makes you uneasy,
So may be it is better this way,
When I thought myself as a hopeless romantic,
A friend contradicted,
Said to have hope,
I have waited all my life for love
Not that my parents never loved me,
They gave and still give me overdose of love,
But when I saw you I fell for you
I felt love
I have spoken to many
But never felt this way and never will
Now I think it is little too much to handle
If I were a mundane soul
I would just be a merry maker
But I am, alas! a poetess
With so much pain underneath my skin…

~ Dakshi~

About Dee

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3 Responses to Underneath my skin…

  1. Uj says:

    I understand your pain… but you are a strong girl… and your love is very lucky to have you in his life….
    I never loved anyone’s writing so much like I loved your’s.. Keep Writing…. Still big fan of your writing…

  2. But what embraces your heart each day…that is and will be a lasting treasure!

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