Aren’t we all
Searching for answers
To never ending questions,
Fighing a fight
Within our selves
Silently fight
Never will be where we should be
At the right time
Time pass us by
We wait for miracles
That would never happen
Too harsher words
Never understanding the pain of the other
You go through hell
I do too
But we can’t help the other
What is the point of love,
If we can’t be bothered
Can’t be there for the other
At the last moment,
We die,
Far away from the other
Doing everything possible to be with the other
But die alone
I am not too absorbed about death
Let it come at any time
For I am just an unfortunate soul
Who has nothing of my own
So I do not fear death
But rather wish it would come bit soon
Every night is worse than the last
Even tomorrow it would not be changed.

~ Dakshi~

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9 Responses to Search…

  1. Unanswered questions are the most difficult to deal with, I believe. They forever keep us wondering, don’t they?

  2. Very relatable poem . Outstanding !

  3. Very well written but very dark and heart tugging…

    • Dakshi says:

      It was the mood at the time I wrote it… 🙂

      • I have come to realize that though most of my poems are romantic and upbeat, many are of sadness from current life experiences. It’s life experiences that inspire me and I was afraid to post darker poems but a friend told me once to post all of them. Life isn’t all smiles. There are hard and difficult times and sometimes, those moments inspire us the most to write…sorry for the long comment! 🙂

      • Dakshi says:

        Hey , it is perfectly all right. I am dedicating all my poems to the one I love. But we have our darker moments and excruciatingly painful moments, perhaps because of love. We should express them I believe. 🙂

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