Not a Warrior Princess…

I am younger than you
But it is not an excuse
(But I do use it all the time as self defense)
You used to say, you have walked on this earth before me,
I fully admit
I try to be brave, a xena type warrior princess,
I fight with myself most of the time
I try to act casual, I try to be street smart
But one thought of you, back to the square one
I have made you a villan, you have said hundred times
I had no intention, I don’t want to see you mad
In a spur of a moment, your anger, so hot like lava in a volcano
Erupt and I get burn
I get hurt
I am tortured,
I do not want to make your life miserable
I do not want you to beg on your bended knees
For some peace of mind
Asking for solitude,
It’s just I am who I am
But not the worst one could have
I am not perfect but I am faithful
Just think of me a little,
When you are bored with your life…

~ Dakshi~

About Dakshi

Lost my love.. (Not writing in this blog anymore.)
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