Do you miss me?

When I hear you
My heart just jump
But when you are far
Wonder you miss me
Miss me?

I resent the distance
Will it ever dissolve?
Although you are within me
I miss you
Do you miss me?

In between my soliloquies
Your uneven temper
My silent sighs at night
Asking will you miss me
As I miss you?

When you pretend you are just fine
That you are in control
Would it take much to be tough
When you don’t say
That you too miss me?

~ Dakshi~

About Dakshi

Lost my love.. (Not writing in this blog anymore.)
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One Response to Do you miss me?

  1. globalunison says:

    He doesn’t miss me (he can pretend well) but his body language and tone of the voice gives it away. Then I wonder, what could I have done differently to make him miss me? The answer is: I couldn’t be better than the best when I already gave my best to him. Complicated but true.
    Your poems always make me think — beautiful ❤


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