Let us have a honest talk
Eye to eye
Face to Face,
I have nothing to hide from you
You too I know have clean hands

I love you, at times I feel so lone
But for our love I always go on
Moments far but moments together
Those would count, those I cherish all my life

Take a risk, you taught me that
Fight for love, you showed me that
Love will be the lighthouse in my life
I will be with you, there is no doubt

Take a look, at me, at my life
Day by day we are not becoming young
Comfort zones, we have to leave that and fight
To see that world you wanted for us

If you won’t stand next to me, my life
I will give up my fight, give up my life
All my life I have loved with all my might
But if you don’t feel it right, I will go out of world’s sight…

~ Dakshi~

About Dee

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