You were lost
So am I
I was drifting on my own path
My vision blurred
Destination unknown
Then I met you
You met me
Glances exchanged

I saw you as you are
You too loved me
I was your only flower
You kissed my petals softly
Days passed
Many moons passed
Years passed
But you are here
So am I

You might not feel the roaring passion
Once was
I don’t blame you
We are not so young but not too old
We have gone through a lot
Many tears shared, laughter too
But we are together still

You say you love me
I know it’s not a lie
I love only you
I don’t deny
You might dream of some
I read your mind
What can I do my love?
But be who I am

You rediscovered yourself
In my love, I know
But you are a free soul
As I always say
I have gone through a lot
For my love, you know
I have wounded sometimes
Had lot of heartburns
Many sleepless nights
I almost lost my mind

I don’t want to hurt you
Don’t want you to go through my pains
I have promised to love you eternally
My love, faithfulness I have dedicated
To you,
Knowing well you might have many flowers in your mind….

~ Dakshi~

About Dee

Trying to be a Phoenix🤓
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1 Response to Rediscovering…

  1. I love the line especially, “you rediscovered yourself in my love,” Beautifully breathtaking Dakshi, hugs and blessings always my dear sister!

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