After my demise…

From the day I have given my soul to you
(Not just love but my soul)
I have spoken my mind to you
For you read the depth of my spirit
Hard to find a soul mate
Once in a lifetime we do
I thank the day you set eyes on me
I thank the Gods for you

I won’t beg for love I won’t
But I don’t think I would live
Your love is like skin and blood
So close so attached to me
You are every vein in my heart
You are my eyes too
If I don’t have you my life would be wasted
It’s the truth but what to do

I am so extra colder now
My blood has melted down
The gleam in my eyes
My special smile
Is no longer there
Slowly I die
I would happily die you know
For I have honestly and truly love you
Not only in this life but in lives to come too
We will meet after my demise…

~ Dakshi~

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