Story of a Romantic and an Intellectual…

A Romantic wandering soul
Fell for an intellectual
Sophistication was visible
She didn’t know whether she was missed
She feared to ask
Day and night
She sang her soliloquies
Meant for him
She was afraid of his wrath
Which was directed to her many a time
She didn’t know whether he was happy or sad
For he talked in riddles
And she was puzzled
He was the pearl
She was the shell
Who worked hard to make the glittering prize
She protected it from nasty sea gulls
Who wanted to gulp it once
She thought he is God
He is still in her mind
So wouldn’t a mere mortal has to face the wrath of mighty God?
She had so many explanations to do
But she kept mum
She knew she is not smart enough to win over him
She thought silence can sort things out
So with a love filled heart
She was silent…

~ Dakshi ~
18/04 / 2014

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