Every day I seek you…*

* This is my 1750th poem for you my love. I feel I am slowly dying here. Life is miserable when you are not near.  Want to see you soon…

Its another day, I am still here on my bed
Tossing and turning in agony
Where to go what to do my heart cries out for her soul mate
I always seek you in my life, always

You control yourself like a marvel I feel
My stubborn heart is tortured though
I have lost the zest for life, I have lost my sleep at night
I am in painful agony

In summer spring autumn and winter
In beautiful sunlight or in hail
In gloomy clouds in green pastures
I seek you, everyday I seek you

Love is patient but painful too
Love is eternal, I will wait for you
I just miss you so very much my love
I will seek you every single second I am alive…

~ Dakshi ~
18/04 / 2014

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