Butterflies alive…

There is a thin line between my happiness and sadness

You are the decisive factor, no wonder

All my emotions will run havoc;

Seeking your lost and found gentleness

You are a dynamite in action

Dynamic and unpredictable

Here  I am pleading guilty to my sins

They are not lethal, I assure you

Should I be given the death sentence?

Or would you put me in jail?

Trifle things I paid no heed

I shouldn’t play with your emotions

Why should I worry about “ would have been”s when you are my present and future?

When you diminish all my fears

Rip my heart from my breast

And count every blood cell, if you must

Each pebble like drop says a thousand prayers in your name

I love you, I seriously do,

There was no turning back

In the past and now, there present

In future too,

I see things as they are

The butterflies are still alive…




~ Dakshi ~


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4 Responses to Butterflies alive…

  1. You make butterflies come alive within with your lovely words…beautiful poem my sister! God bless!

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