Miracle on Earth…

I think of my child like days
And smile to myself
How I made you impatient
I was a young fool, wasn’t I?
I craved for your attention
I seeked your love
I was dying of jealousy at times
In our journey together
Till death and after
My impatient mind was running astry
You are mine, I thought
So you should love me
And be with me
You are mine, was, is and will be
But love is patient
Love is kind
Love has faith
Love waits
Love is meeting of minds
Minds that are meant to be together
As Soulmates
Like you and me
Love is not being able to talk the whole day
But still read the mind of the other
Love is selflessly being there
In sickness and health
In good times and bad
Holding hands no matter the distance
I love you so much
For what you made me today
I am proud of you
And myself too
Your love made me whole
You are a miracle on Earth..

~ Dakshi ~

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