I just met Death…

I met death, with his darker allies

They interrogated me, I wasn’t scared

I told them what I have to tell,

I told the truth I swear

I told them that my love is so very true

“But don’t touch me”, I said “ don’t even dare”

“My body, heart and soul is only his”

I have to be with him, I just have to be there

They shook their heads, but they couldn’t refuse

Since my plea was so very strong

They asked me to sit and wait for sometime

I sat and waited till they come again

Their greatest physician, the Doctor from Hell

She just came and she wanted to examine

She looked into my eyes and asked do I really in love

I told her “in every heart beat” and wanted to survive

She checked my pulse, she took my blood

And the results, oh! Boy, I guess she was surprised

Later death, came with a gloomy face

And he had an announcement to make

“You were right”, he said, feeling dejected he was

“You love him more than you can bear,

We checked your pulse, we checked your blood,

We checked every tiny detail about you

You are madly in love, you are infected by love

For that there is no cure,

I’m afraid I have to send you back,

You belong to be with your love,

He is your love, he is your life,

He is your heaven on earth,

You, my dear, are an Immortal one now,

Love has made you so, I’m afraid

So long live your love,

Go as you please,

Be happy and be always in love”

I was wondering about how good Death is,

How kind he was to me,

I heard a voice, I thought it’s an Angel

Oh! It’s you, none other,

You have woke me up from my dream

You kiss me and said,

“ Good Morning My Sweetest Love…”

~ Dakshi ~



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