Expecting less…

Life with you is full of surprises
When you ignore me most of the time
I have learnt to live my life on my own, expecting less
Simple life, with all my love,  dedicated to you

I wake up see you have not wished me morn
I say to myself its alright you are my busy bee
At night I check my phone some trillion times
And to see I should see you in my dreams

I expect, it’s a lie if I say I’m not
But I supress, it hurts but I supress
I cry alone at times, but I keep it to myself
I want to make you less burdened, just a hassle free life

My love for you, is still the same, may be more than before
I endure, I wait, I have oceans of patience
You know me inside out I know you too well
Our fates are mingled, so I embrace it with a smile…

~ Dakshi ~

About Dee

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