Amidst All…

“Your spirit is mingled with mine
what touches you, touches me.”

~ Rumi ~


Amidst the thousand thoughts you think

Amidst the thousand chores you have to finish

Amidst the anger, amidst irritation

Think of me a little, amidst all


It’s the hardest things to do I know

All my day I have waited for you

All my mornings, all my noons

All my life I have waited for you


There seem to be a lump in my chest

I just need a soothing word

But amidst all the pains in the world

How can you think of me, even a little?


I try to sleep, my pillow says no

My eyes so adamant, my mind mocks me also

My heart, so weak, in pain when you are far

Don’t wanna irritate you, don’t want to bother


Amidst everything around you

Amidst the tiredness of life too

Amidst all, amidst every work

I think it’s too much to ask, to think of me


But I know your love is so true

I know it’s what makes me alive

You miss me just like I miss you

That’s why I always say that I love you too…





~ Dakshi ~
2013– 03/06
© All Rights Reserved

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