My Lord, let me suffer (1400th*)…

Mighty God, I revere you

I look upon your blessing right now

My love is far away, in so pensive mood

I want to feel that pain,

Take it away from him

I want my love to be blessed and relived

I want to carry the burden in that heart

I want to suffer, not him

I want to be in pain, take it all away from him

I want to be tortured, not him

Have mercy on him

Let me carry the cross and suffer the excruciating trauma he is facing

Give him peace, give him happiness

Make him laugh, make him glad

Punish me, give pain to me, make me suffer

Make my blood cold and let me die

I will bear it all for him

I will die for him

Spare him, My Lord

I will bear it all

For him

Spare him and make him free

From all the pain and excruciating suffering,

I pray thee

I pray thee…




~ Dakshi ~
2013– 12/04
© All Rights Reserved

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Alive and fighting…
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