All these years I have been an ardent fan of books. I used to watch movies, I listened to songs, I chatted with my parents, till I met you. After that I forgot everything and my world was you and I revolved around you. I waited till you call me, or I called, or I waited till you text me, or texted.

Slowly, slowly, I became a constant source of pain. A bother. A nuisance and it was like a volcano that is sleeping. At times it erupted and we fell apart but together again because for a simple reason that I can’t simply live without you. That is true.

But as a person who knows you I should have been more responsible and help you, to sail this life which is not easy. I should move back to my old fancies, especially the reading, which will help me to calm my nerves, which I really need. I should calm down, slow my pace and enjoy my life, with you, without giving you constant pains and worries. You have enough in your plate but still never leave me and for that I’m most grateful to you.

Watch me.. I will be with you in your every step, just like your shadow, but I will not leave you when there’s no light….

~ Dakshi ~
2013– 06/02
© All Rights Reserved

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3 Responses to Realization…

  1. beautiful post.
    I recognize those feelings very well. x

  2. shahujvaln says:

    No Update since last week?? .. I am waiting for Valentine Day Special Post 🙂

  3. Asha Seth says:

    Nice post Dakshi. Thank you for visiting by blog. Ill keep coming here often now. Take care.

    -A S

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