Soothing Breeze…

All the blood in my veins were freezing cold

The heart was heavy; heart didn’t hear what’s being told

My limbs I couldn’t move, feet too were

I thought it’s my death, last minutes on earth


The meaning of my life was no longer there

Pain was too much; it was too much to bear

Life as I knew it was coming to an end

I thought my death is coming to me, my last minutes on earth


I was suffocating, I could not just breathe

All my memories were rushing up a speed

My hope has been assassinated, my life I have lost

I thought my life is over now, I will be dead and gone too soon


I loved you, love you and always will

You are the hope I wanted, you’ll always will

You gave my life back, you took my hand and kiss at your will

My heart was rejoicing, after all I’m not gonna be killed


I have hope soon our lives would be on track

I have lost faith I God, but he has forgiven me now

I have you, I love you, you are the world to me

I will be the soothing breeze in your life, today I promise that to you…




~ Dakshi ~
2013– 24/o1
© All Rights Reserved

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