My Serendipity is YOU*…


The warmth in your arms

When you looking at me

With your eyes searching my soul

Through my eyes

My all is yours baby

I love you as you are

You are my serendipity, my freedom

You are my sanctuary

Be mine, till I live

I wish I’d live forever

With every breathe of mine I love you

My heart beats only for you

You, I love you, the whole you, I need you

This distance kills me so hard to bear

I wanna be close to you, together with you, hate to be this far…



*My 1300th poem and I love you so much. I will write to you as long as I live.


~ Dakshi ~
2013– 13/o1
© All Rights Reserved


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2 Responses to My Serendipity is YOU*…

  1. abichica says:

    the beauty in your words is like none other.. 🙂

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