Love will make a difference…

It’s up to me to make myself sad

Or making myself happy

At some days I dwell on sadness

At some days I act as happy


It’s just a feeling, the truth is we are alone

We born alone and die

In the meantime, we make ourselves busy

We make ourselves fall in love


Love, is a wonderful feeling one might say

Some say It could make your life a hell

It depends on how you think

It depends on whom you are in love


Some would promise you happiness for life

Some would be there forever

That is if you are lucky enough

Some are just far away, hard to reach


Days would be harder, tears are tend to fall

Sadness will overpower you

If you love someone so true

They are meant to love you


God bless those lonely hearts

God will always be there for them

Love is there to make you feel alive

Love will make a difference, for better….




~ Dakshi ~
2013– 06/o1
© All Rights Reserved

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2 Responses to Love will make a difference…

  1. truly beautiful post x

  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    There is more than a little wisdom innocently buried in this one, Dakshi. Well done …

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