Just my luck…

My whole world revolves around you

It’s the truth, nothing but the truth

There’s no existence for me away from you

I can’t hide, I can’t run

I will embrace you with both hands

I will embrace my destiny that is you


When we kiss, I feel your magical touch

When you hold me close, I’m so excited

When I feel your breath over mine

That’s ecstasy, pure heaven

That is when I start living

You, it’s you, you are my destiny, it’s a fact


I will bear your mood swings

I will give you all I have

You, my baby, it’s you, who makes me alive

You are my love, my only solace

You bring our my best

You are mine, I’m the luckiest girl on earth…




~ Dakshi ~

2012– 15/12
© All Rights Reserved


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