Kill me in a blink…

No matter how  you hurt me with your silence

No matter how my heart is crushed in to zillion pieces

No matter the stabs in my heart seem to ooze blood

I will love you, I promised to, in happiness and sad


This excruciating pain, this indifference, I don’t wish for

Even to my mortal nemesis, no I don’t

The longing, the pain of waiting kills me softly

But I said I will love you, I will not break my promise


I have gone through pains in my life than happiness

Since it seems something I don’t deserve

You have my heart, so you are the master of my life

You can kill me just by a blink, but still I would love you…


~ Dakshi ~

2012– 27/11

© All Rights Reserved

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1 Response to Kill me in a blink…

  1. Your words always dance so passionately into the deep places where one who loves, waits lovingly for their embrace…beautifully written Dakshi!

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