Tonight I will be….

Tonight, I will be flying few thousand miles away

Tonight, I will feel so lonely, cold and alone

Tonight, my face will be soaked in tear stains

But soon I will come back, to see your face again


No happiness for me, if you aren’t there to hold

I feel no zest; all my life would be somber

You are my sunshine, my moonbeam, my stars

But soon I will come for you, to hold you close to my heart


Your love is true, it’s pure and mine

I need it as long as I can breathe

Your love is the miracle, that I’m alive tonight

Time will fly and I will be in your arms again


Think of me, little too often, little too much

Dream of our life together in each others’ arms

My love is enough for you and me, I know

Wait till I come to you, to kiss you hard, to love you mad, till I die…





~ Dakshi ~

2012– 25/11

© All Rights Reserved

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