My Romeo…

I was awaken

In the midst of dark forest

I don’t know from where I came

I didn’t have a single clue


Gloom filled the airs with eerie sounds

I thought I was lost, in the midst of great forest

Till I heard a chuckle from behind

I turned back, Looked none

Heard a light footstep though, from nowhere

Anyway I followed a footstep I heard

I did not have a choice


I prayed God, I wanted to be safe

Walked for some time, then come to a grassy land

Where three weird looking women sat in front of a hug pot

“Today you would be our broth”

They laughed mercilessly and shrieked


I felt so fainted, I felt so cold

I summoned all my courage and thought of you my love

I’m not afraid to die but not like this

I would not see you again, I simply seem to die

I couldn’t say how much I love you

I couldn’t say how I missed you


They tied my hand tighter, I couldn’t think of an escape

I closed my eyes, what can a damsel do alone

I love you, always do, in my next birth too I guess

Then I heard a swishing sound, a sound of horses and harness

I opened my eyes in dismay, I thought this could be another trick


I saw shining armour, I saw a sword swaying

I saw those weird witched looked helpless

All their magic was pointless

They looked stoned and shocked but they could do none

My hero was swift and cut their heads off

Then he came towards me on his horse

My hands were released from that pain I felt

Then only I saw his face and I felt so very glad

It was my Romeo, my everlasting love

And then He kissed me…



Dakshi ~

2012– 31/10

© All Rights Reserved


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