Every Second…

Shout at me

Blame me

Hate me

But I will always be yours

Hit me

Push me

Kill me

But I’m always yours


When you seem to be in a sour mood

I will be your friend

When you want the whole world away from your life

I will wait outside your door, I’ll wait


Whatever you do, I can’t leave you

I can’t hurt you, can’t hate you

Every day, amidst all, I don’t fail to love you

Always, count me in, as I say always

Loving you, every second

Every second I live…



Dakshi ~

2012– 27/10

© All Rights Reserved


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2 Responses to Every Second…

  1. Dedication illustrated love it….

  2. Aya Wilson says:

    patience is one factor to lasting love.

    tomorrow, the sun will shine on you.

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