I used to miss you most time of the day

My heart was in pain, it was on fire

But since of late, I seemed to me, I have been mastering patience

Because I feel your touch all the time, all the time


I used to cry, when I sleep all alone at nights

I wanted to be kissed, to be cuddled into sleep

But since of late, all I do is close my eyes, thinking of you

Because then I feel you next to me, embracing me tight


I used to be sad; my heart was burdened all the time

Since at times you get mad at me, not understanding how I feel

I don’t feel sad, even when you are so mad now

Because I love you with my heart, I love you with my soul


You have made me stronger, I feel sedimentate and satisfied

All because of you, your love changed me for good

You make me feel special, every time I think of you

I love you so much, so very much, My Love…




Dakshi ~

2012– 16/09

© All Rights Reserved

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