Everything I do…


Look deep inside of my eyes

Did you see it?

God has granted me my wish

I asked for your pain

I said I would suffer

Rather than letting you

I can feel your excruciating pain

You will see your pain

In my eyes


Even deep as my bones feel it

My blood seem to be froze

Every inch of my body is numb with agony

How could you bear this?


My dreams are darker, that’s I ever sleep

I hardly do

Can’t close my eyes

Monsters from everywhere just flock

They want my heart,

They think it’s you

They want my flesh

They stab me, trying to find my heart

But I fought, made them fail


I hear they evil laugh

The dawn has arrived

They departed

Threatening and smirking

Promising me to come again



Another sleepless eerie night

I don’t mind

As long as you are safe

I can go through hell for you

I will walk on fire

I will sacrifice myself for you

They can’t have my heart though

For it’s safe and sound



Dakshi ~

2012– 11/09

© All Rights Reserved


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1 Response to Everything I do…

  1. zygerina says:

    Hey awesome very very felt !

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