I promised you

I will give you peace of mind

Will keep my word

Although my heart seem to bleed


Every day, every night

It bleeds; I have lost lot of blood

My tear glands have dried up

My eyes has lost its spark

Only my hands moves,

When I write for you


When I open my eyes

I see you around

Going far away, not coming closer

But you know

Last night in my dream

You came near me and hold my hand?


I saw my pain in your eyes

You were suffering in the agonizing pain

Because of me

I have learnt from my follies

I will prove myself


I want trust, I want to rebuild it

I will save you with my life

It’s not just words

No matter how my heart ache

I will save you, I will always do…


Dakshi ~

2012– 25/08

© All Rights Reserved


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