Arrest me

Take me to jail

I have done treacherous things

I’m not innocent as I look

I might be able to do murder


I want to confess,

Of the all the guilt I have

I have stabbed the heart of my love

I have given agonizing pain

What’s the punishment?

Tell me now


I don’t want quick death, if I may say some words

Give me a lifelong misery

Torture me, day by day

Serves me right, for my treachery


I was selfish, I didn’t think straight

All my senses were numb then

But they are functioning so well now

What’s the use, I’m doomed now


Yes, I truly love, that is not a lie

Kill me, stab me, cut me in to pieces

My love will be safe in my heart

None can touch it, only I will see it from now…


Dakshi ~

2012– 25/08

© All Rights Reserved

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