One Chance…

I declared my love for you

You had it all the time

In your heart

Safe and sealed

Unlike my selfish love

I adore your selfless love


When you ask me to be patient

I was so rash

Hollow threats, what was I thinking?

I was acting mad, now I know I shouldn’t have


You tried to make some sense into me

I was hysterical, but now I see things as they are

All I ask is give me a chance,

I wish you could read me

I have never lied to you in my life

So I promise you this


I stand today knowing what I want in life

Everything is crystal clear

I know I want you in my life

I give you my word

I would not make you burdened

This is a chance I would love to have

For I know I should not take chance


You are and always be my fate

It’s so true, my heart still beats for you

I’m not gonna give you any more pain

I adore your selfless love

Will you come and love?


Life, I have lost my purpose on earth

Everything was so perfect for me

I ruined everything, how I regret now

I yearn God, will you give one chance?


Dakshi ~

2012– 24/08

© All Rights Reserved

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