Can’t wait till you come…

History repeats, it does, mark my words

It will play his cruel games again and again

I was not so nice to you, at the beginning

It’s my karma; have to go through this pain


From the first day, all you did was love

You went that extra mile, just to make me smile

What I have done to you, oh what have I done?

Shouldn’t I just love you the way I did all these time?


You always gave me chances, never wanted to hurt

How on earth I couldn’t see it, how could I was so blind?

This life sucks without you; I’m not being so clingy

You are the best, you are my rest, you are my destiny


My morning sun, my guiding star

My sweetest lullaby, my hymn, my siesta

My world, my universe, my heaven on earth

Just one chance is all I ask, I will not make you regret


For the past few days, I feel I’m hundred years older

I have learnt from my mistakes,

I will not rush you into love

I will wait, I will wait

I promise you I will be that girl

You fell sometime ago

I have found me, you made me found myself

Till you come, I just can’t wait…




Dakshi ~

2012– 24/08

© All Rights Reserved


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2 Responses to Can’t wait till you come…

  1. Powerful combination of words! I’m so loving this!

  2. Beautiful heartfelt words and emotions! I love it Dakshi!

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