Be safe…

The day is almost done

Its eve now

You must be heading home

Be safe my love


Love to hear your voice

Not now

There’d be a time

You are to heal

The wound I made

You are to heal

Those stabs I made


How could I ever torture you?

How could I ever be so bad?

I must have gone mad

My blood must have boiled too hot


I’m breathing in now

I’m letting my sadness out

It’s therapeutic

Being hopeful make me breathe again


It’s only a matter of time

I wish I could hold your hand

It’s too early

The wounds are still raw

The wound I made


Writing heal me

I feel blessed

I’m gaining my inner peace

I’m in love still

I always will


Time will heal you

Then you will love me

Be safe

Go home safe

Think of me

When you gain your strength…


Dakshi ~

2012– 23/08

© All Rights Reserved

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