We kissed…

Life was so insidious

Didn’t know how to fix

Thought it’s just the prelude

For a nick of time I thought I was going to hell


Every limb ached, even my tiny toe

My life seems to be tinted with grey

Your name was in the tip of my tongue

For a moment I believed my head was going to split


I was reminiscing your gentle ways

It made my world so vivid, I floated in strong waves

You came for me, then, oh! Yeah you came

Life drifts, I sang a happy song and then we kissed…



Wrote for The Sunday Whirl

Dakshi ~

2012– 19/08

© All Rights Reserved




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6 Responses to We kissed…

  1. Seb says:

    Cleverly done – most people botch these but you actually made the words better.

  2. Must have hurt if even your tiny toe hurt. Great wordle Dakshi 🙂

  3. “a happy song and then we kissed…”

    A perfect prelude to melodic symphony of emotions. I tip my hat to your expression, Dakshi!

  4. zygerina says:

    Wow sweeeeettttt!

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