Love is Giving yourself…


I thought I know what love means

I thought I knew how to love as well

I thought I love you so much

But am I not so selfish?


You, showed me what love is all about

You showed me what is real

If you can sacrifice yourself

I would say you are the greatest of all


You are not God, a mortal you are

But you showed me you are above all

Love is all about giving happiness

It’s not about clutching it all


You gave me unconditional love

You wanted my happiness and that is all

You wiped away all tears

All you wanted was my smile


Love is not heated up passion that’s gonna spend

It’s just like mere fire, it will make you cold

Love is giving yourself to one

You will make a difference in them

I’m proud to have your love today

I won’t think of how things used to be

I love you, I always do

In my own little ways, I will…



Dakshi ~

2012– 18/08

© All Rights Reserved


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