The Girl who’s Waiting…

Every morning when I pass the old bridge

I come a cross a girl charming and young

For sometimes I’ve noticed she’s around

I wondered why she’s there in every single morn


I looked at her closely every time when I pass

Her face look blank, her eyes were sad

She had an aura of melancholic state

I felt she is in agony, in excruciating pain


One day I decided to talk to her

I wanted to know what is so wrong

So I stopped my car near the bridge that day

And went near her and asked her this


“ Hello, how are you, why you are here

I see you every morning waiting here

You seem so sad, are you in fear

Can I help you in anyway just tell me dear”


The young melancholic girl tried to smile but failed

Her eyes were full of tears just saw when I’m near

She had so much to say, but she was full of tears

She started talking, she wanted to make things clear


“ I’m waiting till my boy friend arrives every day

He promised me to come for us, before so many years

We promised to meet on this bridge, but he has never

I come here every morning to see he’s here”


“ I have loved him with all my heart

He is my soul,

I have loved him so very much

Words just fail

Without him, there’s no life

Without him, no death

I’m stuck in between

I suffocate every minute”


“My heart is not beating anymore, I’m sure

My eyes search for him, every day every minute

My eyes ache, my heart is in pain

But I always come here,

Someday he will come for me

Someday he’ll be here”


I was so shocked to see this young girl’s plight

She has so much faith, she’s still in so much love

I wanted to asked her what she  do, where she live

So I asked what she do, so I asked where she live


“ I live near the church, I always go and pray

That’s what I do all day, that’s what makes me sane

God will answer my prayers someday

He’s testing my faith,

Love will always find a way,

If there’s a will there’s a way”


I feel amazed at this girl’s faith

I felt sorry for her, I did

Love surely gives you pain

But it’s just worth going through it

I told her that I’ll pray for them

I told her I still think

That they will be united soon

That I wanted to happen for them


The girl looked happy

But her eyes I saw the pain

She bid me farewell and slowly

Walked towards the bridge

It was so cold but she is standing there

She has an iron will

May she be find her love

I pray for from that day still…



Dakshi ~

2012– 16/08

© All Rights Reserved

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1 Response to The Girl who’s Waiting…

  1. So beautifully written…sad but hope still lives!

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