What Matters is NOT YEARS…

People spend years together

We stand small, just like twigs

Remembered what you told me

Some time ago,

“Togetherness cannot be measured by numbers but by true bond at heart”


Time and years spending together

Immaterial, irrelevant, worthless if not for one thing

You got to love the person, just like you saw them first

You got to feel that magical touch

If you kiss the person you love, just like your first kiss

Just by a look you feel that it’s so electrifying


Then my friend, you are in love, you are so in love

Years and months immaterial

Love is what matters

What you feel inside matters

What you share with that special someone matters


You are in love

Let anyone say anything

Trust your heart

It will never do you wrong


Just love, just hold hands

Life is good when you are in love…..



Dakshi ~

2012– 28/07

© All Rights Reserved


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