Tribute To My Love…

You challenged my melancholic existence and saved me

You injected love to my lonesome life

You my life a paradise on earth

You are the Love God in my new found Life


It’s been some time now, long way to go

My love for you rises up day by day

When I catch a glimpse of you, when I hold your hand

When I feel your breath on me, I feel so very glad


Your touch, your warmth, your kisses so sweet

You are my favourite thing on this earth

Your love unique, you the best of all

You are my God Send, the Guardian of my soul


Always making sure I’m alright always

Always surrendering my gloom, defeating my hurt

Always brings me Happiness, fill me up with your love

Always I love you, always I’m Yours….



Dakshi ~

2012– 08/07

© All Rights Reserved

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1 Response to Tribute To My Love…

  1. zygerina says:

    Woah beautiful blown away!

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